Welcome to Hunt & Peck Jewelry Co.

Handcrafted quality jewelry, antiques, local arts and crafts, housewares, ladies accessories, books, and ephemera.
My studio is available for classes of six to eight people in a variety of handicrafts, including painting, knitting, crochet, and jewelry making.

Hunt & Peck Jewelry is handcrafted in a tiny workshop in an 1830s log cabin built by the Hunt family.  The name is an homage to this landmark and to an intuitive, two-fingered method of typing on a keyboard.  “Hunt and peck” refers to a painstaking yet pleasing process of discovery, which is exactly my method when I make jewelry. 

 My one-of-a-kind pieces made in sterling silver, gold, and copper (a longstanding folk remedy for arthritis) are inspired by nature and use locally sourced materials when possible. In fact, many of my pieces start in my own garden and kitchen. I work with succulent plants and other organic forms to create my molds, and many of my pieces are made from recycled sterling silver flatware.

My method is called lost wax casting, an ancient technique which is especially suited to making intricately detailed jewelry. It can be used with any material that can burn, melt, or evaporate to leave a mold cavity. After making the mold, I pour in molten metal (usually silver, sometimes gold) to create the finished product. Then the piece is cleaned, finished, and incorporated into a piece of jewelry.

Custom work available upon request.